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How to integrate, secure and deploy/manage mobile apps

Michael Porter, Sales Director at Perficient, recently wrote a blog post about Oracle Mobile support while being present at Oracle OpenWorld.  Most consumers are now armed with a mobile device wherever they go but especially when entering a retail store.  These consumers are highly informed and expect associates that they interact with to know as much or more than they do about the retailer’s products and services.  In response to this, more retailers are carrying devices – smartphone or tablets – that are loaded with mobile apps to help them provide a better and more thorough experience with their customers.  Leading retailers are leveraging this opportunity with mobile technology to improve customer experience, operational excellence and boost customer devices

Oracle’s Mobile Platform lets you Develop, integrate, secure, and deploy/manage mobile apps. WebLogic Server is key to this.  The Mobile Suite lets you use a mobile application framework where development occurs in Eclipse or another IDE of your choice.

Click here to read more about how Oracle Mobile’s strategy can help you with your mobile platform.

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