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Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Larry Ellison

Intel’s preliminary presentation gave us a lot of information on the optimization of software and silicon and the trend to use a hybrid approach to cloud. (public and private). Larry Ellison, now the Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, came onto the stage.

  • 2014 has been an important year. Oracle gained a lot of momentum in their cloud business
  • Oracle wants to deliver at all three layers of the cloud. IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
    • Can’t just specialize in one of the three like Amazon or Salesforce

  • SaaS
    • We are a player here. we have more SaaS applications than anyone
    • Built and bought a variety of them in 2014
    • examples: marketing, sales, e-commerce, social campaigns, HCM, talent management, ERP, SCM, procurement, etc
    • Brand new this year with Blue Kayak acquisition. Data as a Service
    • Enterprise Performance Management is new
    • Total is 84 SaaS products. 29 are new
    • The sales cloud added 14 new products.  Larry specifically mentioned multiple times. Highlighted value add within salesforce management.
    • Service cloud have 113 products with 14 new.
      • Field service is a new offering this year.
    • Configure price Quote: the leader
    • Social Campaigns, Listening, Data as a servecie.  49 products, 36 of them are new
      • Larry puts social media and data as a service
    • Human Capital Management.84 products, 16 new as SaaS. This is the second wave of apps to the cloud. CX was the first.
      • Includes social tools in this area. Larry believes this is a differentiator for HCM
    • ERP. 49 SaaS products, 14 are new
      • Third wave of apps to the cloud
      • Oracle is the first company that’s selling mid-market and high end ERP in the cloud
      • Supply Chain Management, 32 SaaS product 20 new\
      • 304 SaaS customers with a little over a year at it.
    • EPM. In the last 6 months moved all Hyperion to the cloud and gave it more capability
      • it runs faster, It’s cheaper, etc.
      • In six months they got 150 customers and launched 40
    • Industry specific: 47 products. 32 new
      • Includes telcom, healthcare, finacial services, education, hotels, etc.
    • In the last 12 months, Oracle acquired 2,181 new customer in 2014
  • PaaS
    • Made a major upgrade to the Oracle Platform.  The upgrade allows you to move any database to the cloud. It can move the database application as well with a second push of a button.
    • New and much upgraded platform: Oracle Cloud Platform
    • Foundation is the Oracle Database. it’s a cloud service
      • On top is the weblogic java cloud service
      • then comes social, mobile, analytics, and identity as key services
      • Starts as multi-tenanct
      • all applications are mobile.  Mobility is part of the platform
      • Security is on the way to being job one at Oracle.
      • The SaaS apps are built on the Cloud Platform. they use these services
    • Key differentiator: Oracle allows you to extend CX, HCM, and ERP on the oracle Cloud platform. You have more agility.
    • More digs on salesforce. “Salesforce developers on Oracle’s platform”
    • 30+ years ago Oracle made a promise to customers to allow upward compatibility
      • this promise drives Oracles need to support SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.
      • The major upgrade to the platform allows you to move any database to the cloud by pushing a button.
        • It moves and gets modernized
        • Includes any java application to be moved as well
        • Can move other applications to IaaS as well. Doesn’t have to be a Java app.
    • Cloud Platform Service (and Java WebLogic Platform service)
      • In 2012 launched schema as a service
      • Now have an Instance as a service
        • capacity on demand
        • storage on demand
        • version 11g and 12c
      • Launches in September 2014
      • Can move the instance back to on premise
      • Comes ready with high availability and extreme performance
      • Includes the Hadoop and NoSQL support.
  • IaaS
    • Innovating with three things.  1. Secure the data 2. Reliability 3. Lowest cost
    • No IaaS means you couldn’t move non-java apps to the cloud
    • Compute cloud
      • elastic compute with HA
    • Storage cloud
      • OpenStack Swift support
      • api’s galore
    • Commodity pricing.  Oracle will price aggressively.  Same as Amazon, Microsoft etc.
      • Have 19 data centers for cloud
      • 30,000 computers
      • 400 petabytes
      • 62 million users per day
      • 23 billion transactions per day
    • Innovation
      • Engineered systems gives you better performance, etc.   Engineer the software and the hardware at the same time gives you this.
  • Oracle today
    • Many major SaaS applications run on Oracle
      • SAP
      • Salesforce
      • NetSuite
      • Oralce
      • 19 of 20 run on the Oracle Database and Java
    • “We are just getting started”
  • Oracle tomorrow
    • Database is our biggest software business. Database will be Oracles biggest cloud business
    • What
      • compressions
      • automatically encrypt data
      • big in memory processing
      • Multi-tenant
      • easily add mobile, social and analytics features
      • More automation like on demand use of compute and storage, backup, patching/upgrade, provision data guard, RAC, and monitoring
  • New Product: Oracle recovery appliance
    • Better approach to recovering the db. A db is not just a collection of files.
    • Zero data loss recovery appliance takes care of it
    • can attach thousands of db’s to protect all of them in one data center
    • Quote, “this is a no brainer product”
  • Exalytics 4 is a major upgrade
  • Announcing Oracle FS1: Flash storage San product
    • It’s really fast. it’s much faster than EMC’s extreme IO
  • M7 Microprocessor
    • software in silicon
    • Working with Intel and doing innovation in their own Silicon
    • launches next year
    • puts performance and security in the processor

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