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Digital Experience Conference: More Than a Name Change

Mark Polly, Director at Perficient, is packing his bags to head out to the renamed Digital Experience Conference next week.

In the past this conference has been called “Exceptional Web Experience” and “Portal” conference and the new name reflects not only the market changes taking place, but also IBM’s approach to the market.  The market is no longer a “Portal” market or even just a “Web” market.

I think that “Digital” explains that we are focused on more than just the web.  We have to be just as concerned with other channels, such as mobile, kiosk, TV, game console, etc).  And “Experience” broadens the scope to include customer experience, employee experience, patient experience, member experience, and so on.  So Digital Experience is a good name for this conference.

In this latest blog post, Mark talks about what you can expect from IBM at the conference as well a wrap-up of the multiple sessions that Perficient will be presenting at the conference next week. You can read all of the details here and you can follow us during the conference on Twitter.

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