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Driving User Adoption of a CRM Solution

Drive User Adoption of CRM for Increased Sales Productivity and ROIStrong user adoption is key to the success of any cloud-based CRM system. Attaining it requires a deep understanding of the three pillars of adoption – people, process and technology – and how they influence CRM success. With more than 3,000 successful cloud computing engagements, Perficient knows that without optimal alignment of the three pillars, a CRM solution may not deliver on customer expectations for sales gains, productivity or return on investment (ROI). This view is supported by a variety of outside studies that illustrate the impact of user adoption on CRM success. Here are just a few of the statistics:

  • Only 31 percent of companies reported user adoption of 90 percent (Accenture CSO Insights)
  • 47 percent of companies reported serious challenges with user adoption that often put projects in jeopardy (AMR Research)
  • Lack of user adoption is cited as the primary cause of 70 percent of failed CRM projects (Forrester Research)
  • 50 percent of software functionality paid for and licensed by organizations is not actually used (Butler Group)

Most organizations are surprised by the slow or low rates of end-user adoption encountered after deploying a new CRM solution. Many executives believe that the solution, on its own, will attract the desired number of users once it is officially rolled out and intended users are trained. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Achieving high levels of user adoption requires much more than end-user training.

Download our white paper, “Drive User Adoption of CRM for Increased Sales, Productivity and ROI” to learn more.


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