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The Most Valuable Benefit of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Advising the Advisor: Are you thinking far enough ahead? Here’s how How familiar is your organization with the flexibility and integration Financial Services Cloud offers? The solution helps improve the customer experience, strengthen client relationships, and drive new business by integrating sales, service, and marketing. Digital transformation impacts every area of an organization, and companies […]

4 Methods to Increase Your Organization’s Cloud Adoption

On July 20, we organized a webinar around preparing for the future of cloud. Well attended by CIOs, IT Managers, and Executives alike, we shared the principles and trends driving cloud adoption. In the course of our webinars, we also ask questions in between transition slides of our attendees to get a gauge on where […]

Driving User Adoption of a CRM Solution

Strong user adoption is key to the success of any cloud-based CRM system. Attaining it requires a deep understanding of the three pillars of adoption – people, process and technology – and how they influence CRM success. With more than 3,000 successful cloud computing engagements, Perficient knows that without optimal alignment of the three pillars, […]

Yammer and SharePoint: UI, UX and Just… You

I read an article by Chris Clark on CMSWire last week covering SharePoint, Yammer, and the way UI (User Interface) impacts use and adoption.  The article itself was enjoyable and informative, and I found myself agreeing with Mr. Clark’s central argument– Yammer’s superior UI helps it win adoption where SharePoint’s more complex UI can sometimes […]

The Need to Manage Your Social Communities

I continue to hear a lot of discussion on the true value of social.  I think we are past the hype of social doing everything and more into the fact that social can provide value provided it’s used correctly.  I was speaking with some people at Perficient who referenced a self-service customer site.  As part […]

What Constitutes Success For a Social Network?

Jonathan Distad (@jdistad) passed this on to me and Mark Polly earlier this week.  It’s an article in MIT’s Sloan review titled, They Built it but Employees Aren’t Coming.  The article points out one piece of information that you would call the zinger: The most startling result was that when asked to assess the overall […]

SharePoint User Adoption Key Factors: Part 4 of 4

This is the last in a four part series on the key factors that shape user adoption of the SharePoint platform. Part 1 outlined the affecting factors, while Parts 2 and 3 examined these factors in detail. In this final post we will examine the remaining key factors that influence user adoption of the SharePoint […]