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Perficient’s Top 5 Healthcare IT Blog Posts of 2013

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It’s been an amazing year of breakthroughs and challenges in the Healthcare IT space. Let’s take a look back at our 5 most popular blog posts of 2013:

Perficient's Top 5 Healthcare IT Blog Posts of 2013

7 Healthcare Ideas for Google GlassMartin Sizemore

There was a lot of buzz around Google Glass this year, but in this post Martin Sizemore moves past the flash and buzz to discuss some very practical and powerful potential uses of this technology.

The Quantified Self: 6 Trends to Watch ForMelody Smith Jones

The idea and implementation of the quantified self was a very hot-topic in both healthcare and retail. The benefits of such detailed measurement span from individual to medical professionals. Melody Smith Jones talked about 6 of these trends.

Establishing Data Governance – Part OnePriyal Patel

Big Data was a big buzzword this year. With mountains of data, comes the need to manage it properly. Priyal Patel discussed the importance of managing all of that powerful data.

10 Mobile Health Apps for DoctorsJamie Churchill

Mobile apps can be a great benefit to doctors, but only if you can find the ones that are truly beneficial. Jamie Churchill broke down the top 10 mobile apps for doctors.

Meaningful Use for Mobile HealthPriyal Patel

The growth in mobile use has been astounding. In this post, Priyal Patel dove into how healthcare can best use mobile technology to benefit patients.



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