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How Biofeedback is Set to Transform the Quantified Self

During the Connected Health Symposium last week, I noticed a significant trend that I have since been calling the “next big thing for the quantified self movement”. What is the next big thing in a world dominated by fitness trackers and mobile apps? That next big thing is biofeedback. I gained access to quite a […]

Connected Health Trend Countdown: #4 Reaching the Mobile 91%

Quick, grab your mobile phone. It’s pretty close at hand, I’m guessing. Hence, our next trend in the 2014 Connected Health Trend Countdown: Trend #4: Gamification, Quantified Self, and the Internet of Things You are undoubtedly part of the 90% of the world’s population that is covered by a commercial wireless signal. According to Pew […]

Top 5 Healthcare Infographics of 2015

Perficient’s Top 5 Healthcare IT Blog Posts of 2013

It’s been an amazing year of breakthroughs and challenges in the Healthcare IT space. Let’s take a look back at our 5 most popular blog posts of 2013: 7 Healthcare Ideas for Google Glass – Martin Sizemore There was a lot of buzz around Google Glass this year, but in this post Martin Sizemore moves […]

Healthcare Games Aren’t for Everyone

This morning, I read an article called “Stop playing games with healthcare” about gamification being “a buzzy word, not a real fix” for healthcare. The author, Ryan Bradley, sat in on a case competition earlier this year where teams pitched ideas that would leverage IT to transform and improve healthcare. Immediately, a theme emerged, and […]

Top 5 Technology Trends in Healthcare – September 2013

The healthcare IT field is rapidly developing and changing. Emerging technology and updated regulations put pressure on healthcare providers and health plans to stay ahead of the curve. Perficient creates a monthly list that explores some of the current topics and issues in health IT. This list examines the most talked about issues and technologies […]

Gaming and Gamification for Healthcare with the Xbox One

Earlier this week two of my colleagues, Michael Porter and Ryan Duclos, each wrote blogs about the potential uses beyond gaming for the upcoming Xbox One. Micheal explored some of the possible uses in healthcare specifically, from gamification to surgical tool: Better Healthcare because of Kinect The HIT Consultant has a blog post on how […]

Filling the Gap Between Population & Personalized Health

Recently I read a report on Tech Crunch announcing that Jawbone had snatched Monica Rogati from LinkedIn to be their first VP of Data. This role is meant to focus on further expanding their list of wearables into the world of Quantified Self and Personalized Medicine. Pretty much every business professional should already be familiar […]