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2017 Trends: Mobile Demand Creates Connectivity Challenges

We will continue to explore the top 5 healthcare provider trends for 2017. My previous posts in this blog series highlighted our first two trends: Handing the Patient Portal Reins to the Patient and Connecting the Patient to Connected Health. In our third trend we will look at how the increased demand for mobile will […]

2017 Trends: Connecting the Patient to Connected Health

Our 2017 healthcare provider trend guide reveals the top 5 trends healthcare provider trends in 2017. These trends will help identify and prioritize technology investments in order to transform data into powerful knowledge that can enhance the patient experience and improve your overall business. My last post highlighted our first trend, Handing the Patient Portal […]

2017 Trends: Handing the Patient Portal Reins to the Patient

Once again we have compiled our trends guide for healthcare providers and this year the top 5 healthcare provider trends in 2017 focus on the importance of leveraging the power of data. These trends will help identify and prioritize technology investments in order to transform data into powerful knowledge that can enhance the patient experience […]

The Connected Health Answer to the Addiction Epidemic

Addiction to opiates is having a major impact on the health of patient populations around the country. In fact, one sobering statistic states that more Americans died in 2014-2015 from drug overdoses than died during the entire Vietnam war. Addiction is our nation’s epidemic. It’s hitting my very own patient population here in Cincinnati especially […]

That Time I Had My Emotions Sensed Live at Connected Health 2016

I have lots of fun times at the Connected Health Symposium, but this year was extra special. Part of the reason was because when the moderator of “Emotion Sensing – The Next Big Trend?” asked “Would anyone like to volunteer to have their emotions sensed and documented for all to see?” my hand shot up […]

Connected Health 16: The Glass Brain Blew My Mind

As mentioned by my colleague, Juliet Silver, last week we had the good fortune of collecting in Boston for the annual Connected Health Symposium. This event takes place each October, and I learn more in the two days of the symposium than I do all year round. Now that I am on home turf, I […]

The 2 Act Play of Telehealth Patient Engagement

Many healthcare organizations have implemented telehealth pilots and programs under the premise of “if we build it they will come”. Unfortunately, patients are demonstrating that they will not engage without the correct onboarding infrastructure. This infrastructure is based off of two key elements or, shall we say, acts of this great play towards healthcare everywhere. […]

Why Predictive Analytics & Connected Health Are New BFFs

I had a fun conversation recently about a patient population that is near and dear to my heart. Near because, well, I am a member of this particular patient population, and dear because, even though I grew up in San Diego, I consider myself a Cincinnatian by heart. Long live the Queen City. The conversation […]

The Strategic Hierarchy We Forget in Healthcare Digital Strategy

There are quite a few fallacious assumptions made in the construction of digital strategy. One of the most common ones I witness is confusion between strategy and roadmap. When I take the necessary time to review an organization’s existing digital strategy documentation, more often than not I am presented with a document that outlines an […]

Digital Strategy that Changes Healthcare from the Outside In

When it comes to digital solutions in healthcare I hear a lot about introducing a retail strategy. Sure, there is a lot to gain by peeking our heads over the fence at other industries so that we can learn and implement successfully upon the expectations our healthcare consumers have gained with their experience outside of […]

2016 Connected Health Trends: Telehealth & Healthcare Everywhere

And here is our last trend in Connected Health for 2016. As we mentioned at the top of the list, we opted not to publish the posts in our ranked order. We actually want to get your opinion on the matter first. Then, to see our order, you can download the full 2016 Connected Health […]

2016 Connected Health Trends: Mega Merger Meets Member Experience

Creating the Connected Health trends report requires us to, among other things, mine through approximately 30,000 news coverage points per year. Circulating through the news in 2015 we found much on the topic of the new world of health insurance. Big news on this front was the industry consolidation under a string of potential mergers. […]

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