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Dreamforce: Service Cloud

I mentioned Salesforce 1 in a previous post, a new platform to run Salesforce on mobile devices.  Service Cloud is also being enabled for Salesforce 1, so you can run Service Cloud applications on mobile devices.  Salesforce demonstrated how Philips embedded Service Cloud into an ultrasound machine.  When a technician has trouble with the ultrasound machine, she can hit a support button and the device will log events into Service Cloud and connect to the Philips support center.  The support center then uses Service Cloud to manage the case and provide the support team with knowledge articles and more.

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The team also showed how Salesforce 1 can run on Google Glasses, so technicians sent out to the field can view the Service Cloud right on the Google Glasses. IMG_0145Service Cloud also includes advanced screen sharing which also runs on the Salesforce 1 platform.  This means that the technician wearing Google Glasses can do a screen share with the customer service center.  In the demo they showed how the technician can transmit what they see through Google Glasses back to the support center where the central technicians can guide the remote work and deliver content right to Google Glasses.

By delivering Service Cloud through all these various devices using Salesforce 1, Salesforce is creating a whole new paradigm for companies that need to implement service based environments.


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