Dynamics CRM for Patient Engagement: Memorial Hermann Case Study

Perficient recently worked with Memorial Hermann Health System, implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to handle community outreach, call center management and specialty patient onboarding.
Here is an excerpt from the case study describing the challenge:memorial-hermann

…the management of disparate systems had become an increasingly arduous task. The marketing department wished to consolidate all data into an easy-to-use system that would give users a full view of patient acquisitions. The call center had a difficult time around the centralized management of all events, and sought a place to store all event information, including details on future events. In addition, TIRR, a specialty service offered by Memorial Hermann for rehabilitation, needed to streamline its onboarding process of new patients for both inpatient and outpatient care into one centralized system…

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And the solution deployed:

There were four parts to the initial roll-out of Dynamics:

  • Marketing outreach and patient acquisition management
  • Event management and registration
  • Call center functionality
  • TIRR inpatient and outpatient tracking

The new marketing outreach and patient management system will integrate into the existing enterprise content management system and allow them to capture information of interested parties and then route to the appropriate internal resources. Perficient developed the new patient acquisition solution to provide Memorial Hermann the ability to actively track correspondences and report on activities. It was also imperative that the design encourages users to access it as an integral part of their daily activities.
Perficient worked with TIRR to determine the requirements for inpatient and outpatient referral management and utilizing the CRM system for lead capture. To function effectively, TIRR first needed to have a strong management structure in place, aligning its patient access/referral management team across the network. Secondly, TIRR needed a central location to function as the communication hub for its solution center. This involved automating the referral process as needed, along with workflow automation. By automating its onboarding process with its referral management software, the solution center team has the technology to efficiently manage TIRR’s referral process, improve team communication regarding the progress of referrals, and capture critical business intelligence about referral sources.

To learn more about the deployed solution and the resulting business value of Memorial Hermann’s implementation of Dynamics CRM, read the full case study.
You can also tune into a webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at 1 p.m. CST to hear Memorial Hermann’s Manager of Online Marketing, Kevin Kelly, talk about how the new CRM solution is improving customer engagement and patient acquisition across the organization. Perficient’s Robert Fitzer will also speak about how to best leverage Dynamics CRM and take your organization to the next level. Register here.

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