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Dreamforce Keynote

While Dreamforce started on Monday, the Keynote kicked off today.  Huey Lewis and the News  kicked it off after a great children’s charity video.  Mark Benioff started by thanking everyone and speaking about why we are all really here, to help others.  “Philanthropy is the biggest rush.”

  • 135,000 people registered to attend the event. (include free registrants for Expo and keynotes)
  • Over 25 customers brought over 50 attendees each
  • Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo, will speak at 5 PM this evening
  • Sheryl Sandberg speaks on Wednesday
  • UCSF unusual thinkers track will leave technology industry and teach you what’s happening at the medical sciences
  • Salesforce is making a $25 Million contribution to the UCSF heart study
  • David Agis, author of end of illness, will speak on Thursday
  • UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital will open in February
  • Haiti is the “1” non-profit to give to this year.  Salesforce donated technology, stage, and support to help the government setup the Mother cash transfer program.
    • This program increased children’s attendance from 59% to 88% in the short life of the program.
    • Salesforce also funded a new computer lab for students

Salesforce is doing phenomenally well.  They are #1 according to IDC, Forbes, and Gartner by many standards (size, innovation, etc.)  Salesforce announced a $1 Billion dollar quarter and expect to do $5Billion in revenue in 2014.  That’s a 36% growth rate.  Philanthropy runs over 20,000 non-profits for free.  501 (3c) companies get free software.

There are now 2,000 new cloud based companies in the Bay Area.

Prima Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe, and Petra Mencova

Petra was in the Thailand Tsunami and lost her husband there.  She dedicated her life to helping those impacted by natural disasters.  Happy Hearts focuses on helping children after the initial aid organizations leave.  They have helped to rebuild 84 schools.

Today in Haiti, the situation is much better.  They improved school attendance, took out 4,000 swimming pools worth of rubble, have completed a lot of rebuilding.  PM Lamothe publicly thanked Salesforce for all the assistance.

Sean Penne moved to Haiti and helped to rebuild hospitals etc.  Sean noted that they wanted leadership against the status quo.  Believes that they are beginning to see the Haiti that Haitians wanted.

Welcome to the Internet of Customers

Salesforce 1 – Takes into account the mobile nature of the world and the need to be connected. “API’s for everything”  It also further integrates Sales, Service, and Marketing clouds.

“Behind every device, wearable, or other device, there is a customer”

“At Salesforce, we pivot to our customers.  You should pivot to your customers”

  • First wave of computing: mainframes
  • Second wave: client server
  • Third wave: 50 billion connected things.  Everything is on the net. That includes the light bulb, the Coke machine, and the toothbrush
    • The new Phillips toothbrush has wifi and is gps located.  Now the question will no longer be, “Did you brush?”  Now it will be, “What’s your Phillips toothbrush login?”
  • The message of the show is to be a customer company
  • The next generation of phone replacement will push towards 5 billion smartphone users. That’s up from 1.5 billion smart phones today
  • Sports teams expect greater value because they can connect with customer better
    • But they haven’t reached the point where you enter a stadium and are welcomed back and then enter a store and get an automatic 10% off because you keep coming back.
  • Universities expect great things because they can connect in better ways
    • Mark did a riff on hitting the campus and his phone doesn’t tell him welcome back and isn’t he happy that UCSF beat Stanford
  • Every product should have a Mayday button like the Amazon Kindle
  • The Problem: Most companies don’t know their customers. 2/3rd of companies need to deploy mobile apps.


Time Travel Riff

Parker Harris came on stage in a Tesla combing “back from the future”  There are five things about the new platform

  1. Developers: It’s all about API’s. They are all mobile friendly.  There are 10 times the API’s now. Think of the entire platform.  You want access to everything.
  2. Partners: By this he means ISV, not systems integrators like Perficient. Service Max, Docusign, and a host of other apps now available on the phone.  They went mobile quickly.
    1. You can publish ISV apps to the mobile apps.
    2. Customers can publish mobile apps in Saleforce 1 mobile apps
  3. End Users: CRM is in Saleforce 1 (on mobile)  All the objects from CRM are now available in the mobile apps.   End user custom apps are available there.  (This is kind of a big deal)
  4. Administrators: They have a Salesforce Admin application that’s mobile. It’s a new app built on Salesroce 1
  5. Customers:
    1. Showed mobile apps built on Heroku “1”
  6. Marketing: You can custom brand Salesforce 1
    1. You can brand background colors, logos,e tc. in the apps. (mobile or otherwise)

Salesforce 1

Quote: It’s the best engineering we’ve ever done.  They have released Salesforce 1 on the app store, Google, play, etc.  Salesforce A is out as well.

It includes Visualforce 1.  They have 230 calls and methods

Other features

  • Two factor authentication will soon be available on the app store
  • Branding available everywhere
  • Notification platforms out
  • Feed First UI available
  • Publisher actions for many things
  • You can run salesforce from your mobile phone
  • Platform services like Heroku1 and Exact Target Fuel update


Vision for the toothbrush and ultimate customizability.  They intend to collect information for many devices, not just the toothbrush. They can get data to collaborate, improve products, etc.  Philips has setup a digital accelerator lab and Salesforce is a partner.

It’s an incredible vision for the future.

Service Cloud

  • Service Cloud is the fastest growing product ever.
  • It’s the market leader
  • Service Cloud customers keep talking to Salesforce about things like agility and a 37% increase in customer satisfaction
  • You can embed service cloud in every mobile application
  • You can embed it in every product
  • It includes a host of features like, It’s 2,000 points in Agile speak
  • Service Cloud in action
    • Jessica from UCSF with a  phillips ultrasound machine
    • It’s in color. It’s 3D
    • The machine has a support button at the front of the machine in the front panel.  That connects to Salesforce1 customer support platform.  It passes data like machine temperature.  You can log a ticket from the machine.
    • Phillips gets the ticket in their center.  The support button is just one of many channels
    • In Salesforce Service cloud, it finds knowledge articles automatically.  You can link videos and other kinds of knowledge.
    • A CSR can connect to the machine to get real time data.
    • It also supports multiple monitors to make the CSR’s job easier
    • Maps integrate as a custom action to let you assign an agent to the case.  (the scenario is that Alex is viewed on the map real time.)
    • Because it’s mobile, you can run Salesforce in Google Glass
    • Used Google Glass to take and upload a picture of the problem
    • You can co-browse with another Salesforce tool which helps in figuring out the problem.
  • Phillips is the number one patient monitoring company.  They use sensors like skin color to determine your health.


  • ADP uses CRM
  • They also used all that data to create a host of mobile applications.  These include a contract application so they can view and sign in one location
  • “It’s literally changed the way we do business”

Sales Cloud

  • Doubling down on the sales cloud
  • Released over 200 new features
  • Salesforce1 is the customer platform to sell from anywhere
  • Can build custom mobile apps in Sales
  • Show an ADP rep at the end of the quarter. It’s a day in the life
    • Use her phone to view incentive compensation, expenses, etc.
    • One app called today combines her calendar with Salesforce
    • Tasks are integrated with today
    • Does a “cold call” but it’s about social sales where you get more information about the company, the user, etc.  You get ready to make the call.
    • The dialer is integrated so one tap makes the call.
    • From the phone, you can make notes, schedule follow up, etc.
    • With Pardot, you can add the prospect to a campaign to do additional marketing.
    • Then uses a Visual Force Huddle app to determine where to meet before a big sales call.
    • Salesforce 1 even runs on her Sony Smartwatch
    • In the meeting, they show the ADP app which blends quoting, data from Salesforce, and other info.
    • They can also configure the solution on the fly to help define the deal in a collaborative fashion.
    • Deal approval runs through more quickly because of automated workflow in the application
    • They can also sign electronically with an app.
    • They even have a “top dog” app to pick a location for a celebration.

Marketing Cloud

Sony is the Use Case with the release of their new gaming platform, Playstation 4. They get a lot more information about what the gamers are doing and how they do.  Getting a trophy in a game pushes in the relationship marketing and kicks off a new communication to them on the achievement of their milestone.

This year, Salesforce bought ExactTarget and they are deep in the process of integrating it.

  • Scott Dorsey, CEO of ExactTarger spoke
  • Integrates Radian 5,, and Buddy Media
  • Takes Salesforce into a true Marketing cloud.
  • “Marketers are leading the internet of customers”  Gartner: CMO will spend more on technology than the CIO by 2017
  • 88% of business leaders said that their top priority was getting closer to the customer.
  • It’s about seamless 1 to 1 interactions.
  • Demo with Ford to showcase a day in the life.
    • Can check it out in the campground and even win a Mustang. (orange of course)
    • Exact Target pulls together emial, mobile, social, the web…..all connected through marketing automation.
    • Key to this is data from Salesforce, purchase history, calls to a call center, etc.
    • ExactTarget powers over a 1 billion transactions eery day.
    • Scott McCorkel, VP of Technology, did the demo.
    • OK, demo is with Sony
    • Salesforce 1 puts all marketing data from a mobile device
    • Pulse is  real time dashboard and gets info on web site performance, email marketing, top performing campaigns, etc.
    • App integrates with Chatter. You can take pictures and post it for example.
    • All applications are available from one console.  Email, mobile, social media, web personalization.   In other words, it’s multi-channel.  You interact with the customer across channels.
    • Journey Builder is their easy to use application to create a journey map and to understand where a customer is in that map.
    • For example. you can create a journey to get PS customers to sign up for the PS network. The goal includes conversion to PS +.
    • They capture hundreds of attributes to help segment the user and define interactions.
    • They then show a campaign from getting a trophy in a game to emails, mobile notifications, etc.   All data from this campaign is aggregated.
    • They showed an interactive bus station that engages the gamer as he passes a bus stop.  The interactive screen becomes just another channel that captures data on the interactions.

Meg Whitman, CEO of HP

Announcement: Salesforce and HP “Superpod”  Create a dedicated pod for customers.  Allows a single instance of  Helpful in healthcare, government, etc.


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