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Cloud Trends

Microsoft has an interesting set of research they published for their partners on Successful Cloud Partners.  The respected research firm IDC created and published this information for Microsoft.  I’m not going to bore you with what it takes to be a successful partner.  I do want to highlight a couple stats on cloud growth.  Doubtless Microsoft is seeing this seeing as Azure alone has already hit $1 billion in revenue.
Let’s note the size of the cloud market.

IDC Research pets the cloud market at $98.4 Billion

IDC Research pegs the cloud market at $98.4 Billion

Now let’s give you some perspective on what that huge number means in overall IT spend.
IT budget allocations today and two years from today.

IT budget allocations today and two years from today.

Overall, all cloud spending as part of the IT budget will increase by 6%.  Traditional IT spending will decrease by about that much. Remember that’s percentage of total spending so actual $ results will vary depending on growth of company’s technology budget.  But what this means is that many companies already rely on cloud technologies and many more companies will continue with that trend over the next two years.
It’s well worth it to read the entire online PDF.  IDC dives into greater detail on where you will see the growth by infrastructure and applications.

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