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Microsoft Bumps SkyDrive Pro to 25 Gig

As you may know, I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with SkyDrive Pro and have a Mac users viewpoint.  Some of those thoughts came in a previous post.  I somehow let slide by that Microsoft made some changes to their SkyDrive Pro size.
PC World has a quick news article on the recent changes.

Microsoft bumped its existing 7GB offering up to a 25GB default for all paying customers—freeloaders remain capped at 7GB.
The 25GB space can be further raised to a maximum of 100GB by allocating shared storage space or purchasing more precious GBs to the tune of twenty cents each per month. Recycle bin retention is boosted to ninety days so you have three months to panic over any deleted files before they’re gone for good, and Microsoft also raised the maximum file size to 2GB to match the ever-expanding storage allocation.

That about says it all.  If you are paying, you get gobs of space.   I’m having a hard time figuring out how I’m going to use that much space without getting into video.  Like Hayden Dingman, the author of the PC World article says, that’s a great deal compared to Dropbox.

Personally, I’m thinking it might be time to switch out my paltry 3.5GB of Dropbox storage for something a bit larger. Upsize a bit.
You hear that, Dropbox? When are you going to jump into this war?

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