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Sales and Support: Best Friends Forever


Using a platform like Salesforce means that customer support and sales get to share the same space and use the same data. The shared environment is a huge advantage over systems that only focus on one business area (like RightNow or Zendesk). To maximize sharing between both groups – we’ve put together some common use cases and best practices to get you started.

What Can Sales Learn From Support?

No one has their finger on the pulse of the customer relationship quite like support. Whether it’s a new deal or a renewal – sales needs to access to the latest and greatest customer info if they want to win:

  • Recent support case trends give insight to overall CSAT and possible training opportunities
  • Major open issues can have huge impact on new deals or renewals
  • Enhancement requests may represent a sales opportunity

With some basic config changes it’s easy to start sharing, but the goal should be exposing critical information without overwhelming sales with day to day support issues.

Here are five steps to get you started:

  • Expose the cases related list on the account page layout for sales – sort by date opened
  • Create a workflow rule to notify account team members of P1 cases
  • Create a link to a dynamic case trend report from the account page layout
  • Include a CSAT/Case component on the main sales dashboard
  • Flag accounts with workflow updates if cases are created after support has expired

If you want to realize the full value of having both sales and support on a single platform – start with these native configuration options and get sharing today!


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