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Changes in Healthcare – Integration or Replacement?

The next several years will be an acute period for the inclusion of innovative medical practices, technological advancements, and efficiency of information systems. Previous periods of change in healthcare were based on expanded knowledge, organizational development, and collaborative ventures. However, present and future iterations are deeply reliant on the shared partnerships with industries outside of healthcare, including but not limited to information technology. Therefore, future iterations of change cannot exactly parallel the processes of the past. Current implementation of new regulations and system processing will be an intertwined methodology where former models of healthcare delivery will be replaced by new ones that are integrated with information technology. The thought can now be presented: is this next stage of healthcare an integration or a replacement?

To advance in this questioning, we will have to base our assumptions on the core elements being changed. Medical academic training has consistently developed and rendered new treatment options to enhance quality and longevity of life. The utilization of information system extends beyond updated medical knowledge to the necessity of understanding and integrating information outside of medicine. Though the levels of knowledge may vary depending on a professional’s position within an organization, the use of information systems at all tiers will be a constant. What was once a streamlined single entity of healthcare delivery systems based on knowledge expansion and sharing, is now a complex paradigm that encompasses industries outside of healthcare to render optimal care for the patient. The question is presented again: is the emergence of new models of healthcare integration or replacement? Unfortunately, the response is not simple, but addressing this topic will enable strategic planning on approaching this new era of healthcare.

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