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David Hastoglis

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Reconciling the Information Gap Between Upgrade vs Implementation

The rapid progression of the healthcare industry to update existing regulations while introducing technological innovations in the enhancement of healthcare delivery systems is dependent on the efficient translation of current organizational configurations to patient management based on newly defined regulations. The current configurations may or may not have adequate systems for thorough integration of regulation […]

The Illustrative Model of Healthcare

It is common practice to develop and assign a visual perspective of the processes and methodologies in organizational change. Can this same approach be applied to the emerging changes of healthcare? An existing example is the food pyramid in describing nutritional foundation. The inherent challenge in developing an applicable visualization in healthcare is applying a […]

The Message Link – Patient Experience to Healthcare Delivery

As the advancements, requirements, and transition to highly integrated and technical aspects of healthcare proceed as never seen before, a pause is beneficial to assess what it is truly being said, and how is it being expressed. This is more than the transfer of diagnoses and required treatment through provider claims and payer reimbursement cycling. […]

Integrating the “Other” Healthcare Information

As healthcare delivery systems prepared for a focused period of change, implementation, evaluation, and overhaul from existing systems to rejuvenated processing based on updated regulations and guidelines, the industry can now address the ‘other’ information. By this, we define the coding of medical treatments that are not the primary focus, such as main diagnostic and […]

Healthcare Delivery Strategy – Goals or Remediation

As healthcare delivery systems are currently engaged in updates and integration of regulations and standards in adherence with Federal and State guidelines, we can begin to address the core perspective of the required strategy. It is common during all relevant discussions of the modeling of the new healthcare delivery system to focus on core strategy […]

Changes in Healthcare – Integration or Replacement?

The next several years will be an acute period for the inclusion of innovative medical practices, technological advancements, and efficiency of information systems. Previous periods of change in healthcare were based on expanded knowledge, organizational development, and collaborative ventures. However, present and future iterations are deeply reliant on the shared partnerships with industries outside of […]

Healthcare Assessment – Validation, Remediation, Modification

Providers, payers, quality and performance assurance organizations will all need to be actively engaged in a systematic review of newly implemented healthcare standards and regulations. More importantly, all interested organizations will not only be integrated in their own processes in conducting reviews and assessments, but will be influenced by the findings of peer organizations. A […]

Healthcare and Hybrid Costing

Traditional and innovative costing models can enhance or inhibit accuracy and efficiency in costing processing. An introduction of a hybrid system may fortify the acceleration in new regulations and modifications to existing operations and methodologies. Since both organizational costing methods and service line billing and payment systems have intrinsic advantages, a hybrid cost methodology would […]

Diagnostics Markers in Information Systems to Enhance Quality

Provider and payer organizations will be in a position to utilize their information systems in comprehensive organizational health, ranging from patient management to revenue cycling, but will also be able to delineate diagnostics markers to bridge population health with healthcare delivery systems. The most apparent ramification of this is the cross over between actual claims […]

Changes in Healthcare – Utilization of Common Methodologies

As healthcare receives a matrix of needs, and standards in transformation in systems deliver modeling and clinical efficiency, we can introduce the paradigm of focused stages of design, development, and implementation. While incorporating similarities from other processes, such as software development and project management methodology, healthcare can benefit by modeling with these strategies included. This […]

Healthcare Changes- Asking the Questions

The healthcare industry is at the threshold of enormous changes to the current methodology and relationship structure among payers, providers, employers, and patients. There are numerous sources that initiate these changes that span coding, data processing, fee structures, quality and performance. These sources include, but are not limited to state and federal governments, quality and […]

BI Implementation Challenges in Financial Services

We’re hearing a lot about the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics in the financial services space. BI helps organizations gather real-time customer insight that can be used to better understand customers’ transaction patterns and preferences. BI also supports governance, risk and compliance processes for financial services firms. In summary, BI delivers smarter outcomes for banks across […]

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