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Chatter to become the primary interface for

We continue to follow closely the developments at because of the now wide range of solutions available through their platforms.  For example, I recently blogged about how to use to build a portal . also has Chatter, which is an extremely powerful social platform that runs on browsers, desktops and mobile devices.

In a recent talk, CEO Marc Benioff spoke about how they plan to use Chatter as the frontend to Salesforce.  You can see his talk in the video here.  .  Thanks t0 my colleague Axel Newe for posting this link on our own Chatter feed.

To make this happen, recently announced Chatter 8.0, which includes significant updates to the mobile version.  Included in Chatter 8 are the ability to access records, edit those records and take action for any customer accounts right from within Chatter.  Here is a good article about the new features at TechCrunch by Alex Williams:  The New CRM Platform Is Chatter And It’s Made For Mobile.

Analysts are saying this is a significant step for Salesforce.  I have to agree and I think it is a great move.  I think this is the first time I’ve heard of a major, non-social vendor platform leading with a social activity stream as the primary interface.  We’ve seen various companies add social capabilities on the side of their platforms, but never as the main interface.

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