Going Mobile with Adobe CQ5

Adobe CQ5 has been getting a lot of great reviews by many analysts.  In the latest Forrester publication, CQ5 jumped into the leader wave.  I recently had a chance to look into the mobile support provided by CQ5 and I must say, Adobe has a compelling story for users and developers.
In the following video, Going Moble on Adobe CQ5 ,you get to see how CQ5 lets you view your page on many different mobile devices, which a lot of other vendors offer.  Something I think is more unique to Adobe is that CQ5 let’s you edit the page right in the emulated mobile device, so you can see exactly what happens as you make the changes. 
The image to the right shows the user editing a title on a page destined for a mobile device.  Editing the page right on the emulated device lets you experiment with what works best without the crazy edit/preview cycle in so many other systems.  What you see in the video is that you can edit the image right there as well.
Another nice feature of CQ5 is that you can tailor a page for a mobile device, but also share contents on that page with other devices.  Through a mechanism they call inheritance, you can have a mobile page inherit contents from a regular web page, and then just alter parts of the mobile page.  This helps when the image on the page has to change for the mobile device, but everything else stays the same.  With inheritance, as the page content changes on the web, it will get reflected in the mobile version, but the image will be overridden.
CQ5 also lets you build native applications for various devices, including Android and iOS.  As a developer, CQ5 will let you take advantage of the capabilities of each mobile device to sync content from the web site to the mobile device.
Finally, if you are an iPad user, CQ5 has an optimized authoring tool to allow you to preview and approve content right from your iPad.

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