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Your Browser is Your New Computer: Google Chrome – the New OS?

Google Chrome Notebook
Order. Yours. Now?
Due out on June 15th, 2011.
What it is:

  • It is a notebook that is essentially a mobile device – uses 3G, mobile data networks, wi-fi
  • It only has the google Chrome browser installed
  • 8 second bootup
  • Cloud-based data storage and syncing – log in from anywhere – your data is the same
  • Sandbox Security – one tab corrupts, the other tabs stay functioning
  • Auto installs updates from the cloud – user does nothing
  • Many apps allow the user to continue working without being online.
  • Restores from the cloud or a “known good backup”….or hardware backed recovery mode
  • Prints using Google Cloud Print
  • Can set up user permissions and guest mode
  • Everything works inside your browser
  • Use the Chrome web store to find new Chrome apps
  • Upon bootup – the system conducts a health check (Verified boot)
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The Chrome Lifestyle
It sounds a bit like an extreme version of what Apple’s MobileMe product wanted to do. Once you are committed to the lifestyle – you are really committed! I am personally committed to the MobileMe lifestyle, but it has not been without consequence (see upcoming post).
Think about your current work day. Is there anything that you do that you would absolutely NOT be able to do on the cloud or in Chrome or with Google apps?
Google has cloud-based:

  • document creation
  • storage
  • contacts
  • mail
  • calendars
  • news
  • bookmarks
  • syncing
  • printing

This adds new and deep meaning to the term World Wide Web. Everything in your world is connected back to you INSIDE of GOOGLE. Imagine yourself in a Google bubble, connecting everything that Facebook does not. Facebook does not have an address book, a collaborative document workflow, data storage, contacts, but it can connect independent apps that have such capabilities. The potential of Google acquiring Facebook is potentially a way to marry your Google self (you used to be able to log in to many places using your google ID) to your Facebook social self with an actual single sign-on concept. Facebook however, maintains its independence which, in this scenario that I’ve explained, seems healthy.
So what about you? Are you currently viewing the world through the eyes of Google or Facebook?
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