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Growing My Professional Experience with Communication

Welcome to the third and last blog in my blog series about my personal and professional development during my Perficient internship. The first blog in this series discussed a little about me and my internship goals while the second blog focused on how I achieved my first goal of improving my writing. This blog will […]

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Improving My Writing Skills Through My Perficient Internship

This is the second blog in the three-part series where I will be detailing my time as an intern at Perficient. The first blog in the series discussed my goals at the start of my internship. One of my main focuses over the ten week internship was to improve my writing. Throughout high school, I […]

6 Tips for Writing Patient-Oriented Health Content

Creating healthcare content for a general readership isn’t always easy, but it can be very satisfying – especially when you’re providing useful information on topics that people care about. I’ve spent much of my career writing about health and wellness for magazines, websites, and corporate clients (and, as an editor, helping other writers do their […]

A Copy Intern’s First Thoughts: Learning to Write for Web

Enlighten was acquired by Perficient Digital in December 2015 A month and a half ago, I walked up to the big glass door of Enlights (now Perficient Digital) and as I would continue to do, didn’t realize it was a pull instead of a push. I was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed intern. I felt ready to […]

ReadMe: The Future Is Written – Part One

Part One: The Sun Always Rises In the East The sun always rises in the east. Okay. Porpoises are pretty damn smart. Sure. People don’t read online. Damn.   I write for a living (among other things), so this last dictum just plain sends me over the edge. And I’ve been encountering it recently from […]