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Life at Perficient

Growing My Professional Experience with Communication

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Welcome to the third and last blog in my blog series about my personal and professional development during my Perficient internship. The first blog in this series discussed a little about me and my internship goals while the second blog focused on how I achieved my first goal of improving my writing.

This blog will be focusing on the communications and business growth aspect of my internship. Working at Perficient was my first experience working in internal communications and marketing, and it opened my eyes to a whole new field of interesting careers and projects to pursue.

Interviewing Colleagues from Different Sectors

Perficient InternAs someone who wrote for both the Perficient Pulse Magazine and the Life at Perficient blog, interviewing was just as important as writing. “At Perficient, the focus is on the colleague experience, and I wanted to be able to convey that in the best way possible.”

I have experience working on both a political campaign and in a newspaper, so interviewing has been a skill I had to pick up over the years, and I was able to refine those skills during my internship. I learned and practiced interview etiquette and how to ask the right questions, which will help me in my future interviews.

I was able to interview Perficient colleagues for the two Life at Perficient blogs I authored, each requiring a different approach. My self-advocacy blog was more of an advice-focused story, so I asked questions centered around how the colleague grew and how she can help others do the same. My second blog, which focused on a colleague’s volunteer work at a dog shelter, was all about how he made a positive change in his community. This required me to ask questions in a more linear manner to get the full story.

Learning about Potential Career Options

As I talked to various people, I got the chance to learn about different career paths that might interest me. I was able to experience working in marketing and internal communications, which helped me hone my writing skills and better understand what I could pursue a college major or even a job.

Beyond that, I also learned about other careers by having conversations with people across business units.

“A lot of the work at Perficient revolves around digital technology, which is something I thought I wouldn’t be interested in prior to this summer. However, the more I learned about this type of work, the more I understood its wide variety of applications. Now it’s something I want to look into more.” — Sahithi Jammulamadaka, Perficient intern

Final Thoughts on My Perficient Internship

This internship has been a great experience, and I appreciate all the hard work everyone does to make the blog, the magazine, and all other areas of communication at Perficient as amazing as they are. I would like to add one big thank you to Connor Stieferman and Marisa Lather for helping and taking me under their wing to show me a little piece of the great work they do!

This ten week experience has been amazing and opened me to so many opportunities, and I will take the lessons I learned at Perficient for years to come.


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Perficient at our Careers page.

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Sahithi Jammulamadaka

Sahithi is a rising senior in high school who is a marketing intern and works on various internal communication projects and blogs relating to Life at Perficient. She lives in Northern Virginia and enjoys reading thrillers, exploring new places, and going on hikes in her free time.

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