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Office 365 NextGen Portals Under the Hood – Ignite 2015

Family of NextGen portals Video Delve Infopedia Notion of these portals is built on the following pillars Intelligent Mobile Social Ready to go NEXTGEN PORTAL MODEL NEXTGEN PORTAL ARCHITECTURE Office 365 Video Powered by azure media services Easily consume Share ideas broadly (rich discoverable social video across devices with yammer embedded) Secure & easy to manage […]

How Delve Makes your Life Easier!

For some time now Microsoft has been working on an intelligent fabric- machine learning. This algorithm is (now more than ever) becoming an integral part of many new platforms and products, especially office graph which powers the new Office app called “Delve”. Delve is part of the Office 365 suite and is available for all […]

Perficient’s Top 5 Yammer Blog Posts of 2014

In another 12 hours or so, those of us on the east coast will be watching the ball drop (mainly on television, but perhaps a few of the Perficient folks local to NYC are planning to brave the cold and crowds). Either way, we’ll be celebrating with family and friends as we ring in the […]

Yammer Governance: Working Like a (Safer) Network – Webinar Recap

Each and every time my colleague, Rich Wood, speaks on a webinar or presents at an event, I know it’s going to be good. Whether his audience is more business or technically oriented, or a healthy mix, he has a knack for presenting content in an engaging manner and a way that’s easy to digest […]

#GartnerPCC Keynote Highlights Engagement, Digital Workplace

Gartner PCC Conference Keynote: Deliver Excellent Engagement Through Mobile, Social and Analytics Jeffrey Mann and Susan Landry set the tone for the Gartner PCC conference this week by speaking to the digital workplace of the future. In their keynote on Monday, they encouraged attendees to think beyond managing systems and focus on finding a deeper way […]

Upcoming Webinar: How to Drive Business Value with Yammer

Are you interested in a future that includes better collaboration, perhaps through a successfully deployed enterprise social network (or maybe you a step ahead and are already there)? How engaged is your company, or your team? How effectively does your network collaborate? Most would agree that an engaged network is a powerful network, but getting […]

Webinar Replay: Driving Employee Engagement with Yammer and #ESN

This past Wednesday, we hosted a webinar, “Using Yammer and SharePoint Intranets to Drive Employee Engagement.” During the session, Rich Wood, Director of Web & Social Collaboration at Perficient, first gave a quick overview on the enterprise social network and Yammer, and then went on discuss user adoption and engagement. He covered what exactly a […]

Webinar: Using Yammer & SharePoint to Drive Employee Engagement

With the recent acquisition of Yammer, Microsoft is is now able to truly support social collaboration within the enterprise. Are you ready to take advantage of this? As mentioned in our webinar with Forrester last week, just because you’ve built it, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will come (Field of Dreams, anyone?). A successful social […]

Webinar Replay: Forrester & Perficient on CIO & CMO Convergence

On Wednesday, we hosted a webinar on the CIO & CMO Convergence: Microsoft for Cloud, Social & Mobile Enterprise Social Networks. Guest speaker Rob Koplowitz from Forrester, and Perficient’s own Director of Web & Social Collaboration, Rich Wood, discussed what defines an enterprise social network and where the true value lies. Rob kicked off the […]

SharePoint 2013 Search & Social: Webinar Recap & Replay

Yesterday, we hosted a SharePoint 2013 webinar that covered the new search and social features. Will Tseng, a senior technical consultant within Perficient’s SharePoint practice, and Rich Wood, director of Perficient’s national SharePoint practice, teamed up to talk about two of their favorite topics. In the first half of the webinar, Will discussed key components of designing […]

Social Collaboration Tools: Evolution Today, Revolution Tomorrow?

Yesterday, published an article written by my colleague, Rich Wood. In the essay, (R)Evolution: The Past, Present and Future of the Social Enterprise, Rich discusses how social collaboration tools represent not a revolution (yet), but an evolution of organizational communication. Rich begins by explaining: It’s been too easy to claim that introducing newsfeeds, microblogging, @targets and #tags to the […]

Webinar: SharePoint 2013 Search & Social – What to Know!

It is clear by now that SharePoint 2013 offers up some big changes, particularly around search and social functionality. For starters, Fast Search is now part of SharePoint in the new release. This means that SharePoint 2013 can easily index content from a wide variety of different sources. By taking the Fast solution and combining […]

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