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Perficient’s Top 5 Yammer Blog Posts of 2014

In another 12 hours or so, topfivethose of us on the east coast will be watching the ball drop (mainly on television, but perhaps a few of the Perficient folks local to NYC are planning to brave the cold and crowds). Either way, we’ll be celebrating with family and friends as we ring in the New Year. New Year’s Eve is certainly a social occasion, so I thought I’d wrap up 2014 with a summary of the best enterprise social posts that were published throughout the year.
Since our enterprise social network of choice is Yammer (both for our customers and internally, where we’ve moved from predominately communicating via email to having conversations in Yammer whenever possible), here are the top five blog posts on all things Yammer:
Yammer – DirSync or AD FS (SSO) or Both?
There’s a lot to think about when planning your Enterprise Yammer implementation. How will I get users into Yammer? How will users login to Yammer? Which password will they use? How will users who leave my organization be handled in Yammer? What software do I really need to implement? In this post, Joe Crabtree discusses Yammer DirSync and SSO. SSO in Yammer is a generalized term, as any SSO provider can be connected with Yammer. He focuses specifically on AD FS, as that is Microsoft’s SSO software.
Is Your SharePoint Ready for Yammer?
In this post, Vaibhav Mathur explains, if your organization is experiencing rapid growth or you simply need better collaboration, you ought to take a hard look at enterprise social. Microsoft has clearly stated that they believe the future of social collaboration to be in the cloud, and are making most of their investments in cloud-based features within Yammer and Office 365. As a result, our customers are moving to Yammer as their social platform to enhance their social collaboration practice. Vaibhav discusses the one concern he’s been been hearing from lot of organizations, and that concerns centers around making this transition – from native SharePoint social to Yammer. He talks about how to make the shift, and how to know if Yammer will be of value.
Yammer 101 Series – Posting
This is a great introductory post on using Yammer’s features. Here, Joe Crabtree dives into the world of posting within Yammer, including how to post, types of posts, topics, mentions and best practices for posting. For example, did you know there are six types of posts you can make in Yammer? I didn’t, and I use Yammer on a regular basis. Joe also covers the topics you want to avoid on Yammer, and reminds us not to over share.
Yammer Roadmap and Work Like a Network
So much is changing each day with Office 365 suite of services and applications, that it’s hard to keep up. In this post, published in May, Vaibhav Mathur brings us up to speed with the exciting new features of Yammer slated for 2014. He first explains all the buzz around #worklikeanetwork including the three main pillars of the concept. He goes on to summarize a discussion he had with Jared Spataro on Microsoft’s social strategy and roadmap.
Meet Yammer, Your Answer to Project Collaboration!
Yammer has a full range of features to help you communicate openly and expedite decision making, open new collaboration channels and breakdown email silos. Three main reasons why would you consider using Yammer for internal and external collaboration are ease of use, mobile app, and collaborating with external users. Yammer can move your team beyond the hierarchical and glacial-paced decision making that can hobble a project’s progress. Here, Vaibhav Mathur shares his firsthand experience of using Yammer as a project collaboration platform.
We wish you all a safe and social New Year!

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