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Office 365 NextGen Portals Under the Hood – Ignite 2015

ignite main
Family of NextGen portals

  • Video
  • Delve
  • Infopedia

Notion of these portals is built on the following pillars

  • Intelligent
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Ready to go





Office 365 Video
Powered by azure media services
Easily consume
Share ideas broadly (rich discoverable social video across devices with yammer embedded)
Secure & easy to manage (scalable, encrypted, cross-geo video streaming service)
Also powered by Office graph which means it learns from your behavior over time.
Using SP: storing nextgen portal data

  • Site Collection is our unit of scale. Each portal uses O365 compliance, ediscovery.
  • Traditional SP UX (site settings, site contents etc.) are all hidden
  • Each video channel (site) has a Pages, images, videos, settings library.

One Video Portal Hub (per tenant)
Each channel is a site collection
Timer job keeps things in sync (if we remove video from the channel (site ) it sends notification to Azure.
Hybrid model – interaction is in SP and all videos storage is in Azure. User upload video to SP and SP then sends that to the Azure Storage and then comes back with a pointer. The actually streaming is happening from Azure. Delete video – user deletes from SP and then SP deletes from Azure (timer job)
INFOPEDIA (Knowledge Management) – TBD
Visio of how enterprises managing knowledge in O365 tenancy for their users.
A definitive Hub (boards, microsites, and SP sites)
Personalized (Office Graph will power this)
Right Content Surfaces (easy to manage and flexible)
Infopedia is based on
Microsites (Built in navigation and indicative text)
Boards and Articles
Blogs and Docs
Uses SP Permissions
At container level- Reader, Editor, and Owners
Apply to dependent resources (e.g. images) as well
Each Blog is a site collection
Entry to Modern authoring
Auto save
Simple Canvas
Default Open
Sharing by Email
Mobile Friendly
First Release customers are already receiving this feature as of last week
Legacy SP Blogs will still show up on the new navigation (all posts)
All Posts shows a nice roll up page
Note: Focus is on rendering nicely on all mobile devices hence lot of flexibility for how the content is laid out is taken out for the end user.
Inside a Blog – The post and host control data, text block are all JSON. JSON data is taken away from the page itself so the rendering happens correctly.
Auto Save and Publishing – so it allows for drafts, prevent collision across users and devices, versioning is required, Each auto save creates a minor version.
Rich Text – support common formatting, control over what and what not to expose, easy for MSFT to extend, Well tested
Now the most exciting stuff…
SNEAK PEEK into the FUTURE (Coming in 2015)

  • Integration between SharePoint and SAWY (for Authoring Canvas) – Ensuring you end where you started to edit your content
    Options to allow SP portal pages to leverage sway UX and rendering functionality
    The possibility to publish a sway to SharePoint to take advantage of all ECM functionality (publish button for SharePoint on sway canvas)
    • Reuse building blocks and controls from the already provided ready to go portals
    • Integrated into O365 and intranet
    • Making NextGen UX as OPEN SOURCE
    • Hosted on SP in O365
    • Client Side Rendering
    • Javascript/CSS/REST API’s


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