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Man placing red block to bridge a gap between unpainted blocks

How to create custom Cascading Dropdown List element in Sitecore Form.

Sitecore has form elements OOB that meet practically all form requirements. But in some scenarios, we may need to create a custom element to fulfill the requirement like the Cascading Dropdown List. We had a scenario where we needed to load all Products of selected Categories in dropdown lists. We intended to utilize the Sitecore […]

Headless Man

Integrate Sitecore Form into a JSS app (React/Next.js) in Headless Architecture.

Everyone is moving toward headless architecture these days and wants to take advantage of the new approach in the CMS industry to improve the CMS experience. However, in a few cases, it does not support a CMS functionality like Sitecore Form. Sitecore does not have any out of the box (OOB) component to implement Sitecore […]