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Digital Transformation

Introducing Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is one of the hottest technologies in the world right now, but it also considered an extremely complicated field because the quantum concepts involved aren’t easy to understand. To make it simple for folks interested in learning about quantum computing, I will be writing a series of blogs to give a holistic understanding […]

Quantum computing is the next wave in technology.

Quantum Computing in the Workplace

The most exceptional approach to maintain technological momentum in an exponentially growing world is to embrace it proactively. Quantum computing is here and we are starting to become a super species migrating away from our current methods into the quantum realm. In a short time, we’ll be able to solve challenging problems that require complicated […]

Microsoft’s Bet On The Next Big Thing – Quantum Computing

In a world dominated by bigger, faster, stronger; scientists are always looking for ways to improve on current technology. Moore’s law states that processor speeds double every 2 years (often quoted as 18 months based on Intel’s assertions). But how long can that last? Will we reach a physical limit of our technology? Yes, and […]