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Trump vs. Pokémon – The United States of Search 2016

2016 has been a year for the record books in so many ways. We said hello to Puppy Monkey Baby, Deadpool, Zootopia, & Batman v Superman. We watched records being broken in Rio at the 2016 Olympics all while battling the zika virus fear. We lost David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Prince, Muhammad Ali and Gene Wilder. […]

How Pokémon Go Relates To Life Sciences And Healthcare

Pokémon Go is an example of a mobile app that is experiencing wild success. The global phenomenon, which is now estimated to generate over one million dollars in revenue every day, is making experts in all industries ask, “How can I achieve similar success?” Personally, I think the success of Pokémon Go can be attributed […]

Pokemon GO: Inspiring the Connected Enterprise

Unless you’ve slept under a rock the past few weeks, the arrival of Pokemon GO has no doubt entered your consciousness from kids walking around aimlessly to businesses offering incentives for trainers who have managed to level up. Based on the Pokemon animation from Japan in the 1990s which features young adults traveling a fantasy […]