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How to Fix Oracle’s Database Function Issue in ODI Interfaces

We have noticed that in few interfaces, the NVL function is not working as expected when “_simple_view_merging” is set to be true in the Oracle source database. This problem is encountered if the column corresponding to the first function displays the correct results, but the columns corresponding to other functions return nothing. You can see […]

How to Create Gather Statistics Procedure in ODI

Gathering Statistics of a database schema before executing an ODI load plan will improve performance by helping the Optimizer to select optimal execution plan by referring to latest statistics, instead of stale statistics. We can gather statistics of Oracle database schema at a scheduled time of day using the DBMS_SCHEDULER and DBMS_AUTO_TASK_ADMIN packages, However, if […]

What is the Best Integration Product from Oracle?

  When it comes to choosing the right data integration solution, Oracle offers multiple products that may seem redundant but in fact target different purposes even though an overlap in the capabilities exists. Oracle clarified the distinctions among the various integration products during the Collaborate 16 conference this year. The decision making process around which […]

Using ODI Multiple Export Utility

This post explains the process of using ODI Export Multiple Objects utility to export selected multiple ODI objects and importing them individually. ODI introduced a new feature ‘Smart Export’ from version 11.1.16, This feature automates the process of exporting/importing all objects related to your change, As BIAPPS OOTB ODI repository contains thousands of objects smart […]

ODI Load Plan Success Email with Execution Log File Attached

This post explains the process to unload ODI session log information Ex:  Session name, run-time, number of records inserted etc. from SNP_SESSION table to a delimited file and attach it to a Load Plan success notification email. This attachment can be used to identify the Session’s which are running longer than usual and causing performance issues, […]

Restoring Aging Snapshot Data in Finance Analytics

Whenever a Full load is executed, all target tables are truncated and reloaded. This can result in missing historical data in Aggregate or Snapshot tables. Once erased, such historical data cannot easily be replaced. In order to preserve Account Payables (AP) and Account Receivables (AR) Snapshot data from aging invoice tables W_AP_AGING_INVOICE_A and W_AR_AGING_INVOICE_A, OOTB […]

Consolidating on-premise and public cloud data on Oracle BI Apps

With an increase in the adoption of cloud applications by large corporations, most organizations today are in some form of hybrid state i.e. they are using a combination of both on-premise as well as cloud applications to run their business. Regardless of where the applications maintain their data, organizations need the ability to see a […]

Loading a Slowly Changing Dimension Table with ODI

As I have been writing my blog posts about ODI, my director recently reached out to me asking why I don’t put a blog posting on how to load a slowly changing dimension table.  I thought that was a great idea as when I first started to use the tool this was a major requirement […]