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Z Is For Zigzag

Z is for ZigZag Strategy

When everyone is doing and saying something similar, it’s a good idea to find a way to stand out from the noise.

Y Is For Yearly Impact

Y is for Yearly Impact

While it is important to have a regular cadence of measurement, looking at your yearly impact from marketing efforts helps shed light on bigger behavior trends.

V Is For Voc

V is for Voice of the Customer

Establishing a VoC program will help you ensure that you are meeting customer needs and expectations.

T Is For Testing

T is for Testing

Testing is one of the best ways for marketers to optimize the digital experience for visitors and hone in on what works.

R Is For Roi

R is for ROI

A simple ROI calculation can help take the guess work out of future business decisions.

K Is For Kpis

K is for Key Performance Indicator

Want to know how your organization is performing against business objectives? Well then get your KPIs defined and ready.

C Is For Conversion

C is for Conversion

Conversions are actions that users take on calls-to-action and are critical to informing how well your site and content are performing.

A Day In The Life Digital Strategist

A Day in the Life of a Digital Strategist

Digital Strategy started as a buzzword in the marketing industry over a decade ago with companies hiring dedicated resources. But what do they do?

Bjb Abcs Master Hdr Final

The ABCs of Strategy and Marketing

If your head is spinning from the marketing jargon out there, then this blog series is for YOU!

Vector Illustration Concept Of Market Research, Seo, Business An

Georgia Marketing Summit: Recap and Takeaways

The other week I had the privilege of both attending and speaking at the Georgia Marketing Summit – part of the IC Summits series. The event focuses on several hot topics for marketers including branding and building brand value, social media strategies, data and more. I was on a panel that discussed optimizing the customer […]