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Windows 10 IoT editions explained

Windows has a long history of deployments outside of traditional desktop (or laptop) computers. Embedded versions of Windows existed for a long time, powering check registers, kiosks, outdoor displays and even car entertainment systems. Pretty much every version of Windows is recent times had it’s embedded incarnation (XP, 7, 8 and now 10). The OS […]

Office 365 – Assign Licensing “User Location” via Active Directory

The first time you assigned an Office 365 license to a user, you likely used the portal as opposed to PowerShell. There’s also a good chance you saw the error message below: Organizations populate Active Directory user objects with varied amounts of data. In many organizations, especially global organizations, the “Country” field is populated in […]

What’s New in Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution. It combines core directory services, advanced identity governance, security, and application access management. Azure AD also offers developers an identity management platform to deliver access control to their applications, based on centralized policy and rules. In the last few months there’s been significant […]

SharePoint or Office 365 – OneDrive for Business fits All

SkyDrive or OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, lync – where to start? what to install for users? Which to use when? Many of us go through these questions when facing customers or when looking to provide the best service to our internal users. So much information is flowing around the web but its always tough to assimilate in one place […]

XP end of life, migrate in a few simple steps

Now that Windows XP end of life is here, if you are one of those companies still hanging on, there’s likely a bit of panic on what exactly to do. Well there is good news, bad news, and then some more good news. If you are in an industry that has heavy governing compliance, like […]

Office 365 – What’s the Best Plan?

Didn’t you always wonder which plan to pick in the O365 family? So many different SKU’s providing distinct features, storage capabilities, tools, etc. I know while talking to customers one of the initial and biggest question has been around which plan is perfect for them and can they downgrade or upgrade from there. Looks like Microsoft […]

Compelling Case for Office 365

Everyone has an opinion on “Cloud’ and its effect on the business, for some it’s scary in terms of data security and for some it’s revenue generation and cost savings. There are a number of reasons why cloud computing is so widely used among businesses today. Some of them include Reduction of costs – lower […]

Busy Pre-Build week for Microsoft and Azure!

The Microsoft Build Conference is set to kick off next week but the company got off to an early start this week with several different announcements. Windows Azure now generally available in China This may not sound like a huge accomplishment worthy of being called out individually but a little known fact is that Windows […]

Windows Azure: The start-up friendly Microsoft

“Start-up” and “Microsoft” are usually not said in the same sentence.  Microsoft has historically been synonymous with expensive licensing costs which is precisely why most start-ups have gravitated towards Linux.  It is free, it is stable and it is powerful.   While Windows and Windows Server may never be free, Microsoft has narrowed the gap […]

Windows Phone 8 and the battle for relevancy

Windows Phone 8 has been fighting for relevancy in the market since its release. It has slowly but surely gaining market share in the US and Europe has recently seen an explosion of WP8 adoption partially due to very low cost hardware.  Microsoft and Nokia have been continuously pricing their full featured phones lower than the competition […]

Advanced Data Integration with SSIS, Part 2

This is part two in a series of extending SSIS for the enterprise with complementary Microsoft products. Specifically, we are going to look at how we can extend an SSIS solution to go through DMZs and firewalls across the Internet to reach and capture data regardless of the SQL Server schema type. In this scenario, […]

The Yeoman’s Guide to SP2013 Internet/Extranet Licensing: Part 2

(This article is the second in a two-part series.  For Part 1, please click here.) If I were a decision maker or purchasing manager in an enterprise IT department, this is how I’d like to view SharePoint CALs (CAL is shorthand for Client Access License in the Redmond Universe): a “solution first” approach that tells […]

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