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The role of a CIO and CDO in understanding their organization's data

The Priorities Of A Modern Chief Data Officer

Gartner predicted that by 2021, 75% of organizations will consider the office of the chief data officer (CDO) as critical as human resources, finance or IT. The CDO’s role, for many organizations, is a tough role to fill, and its expectations include the following: Act as a change agent for the organization, empowering them to become […]

data marketplace

The Ins And Outs Of A Data Marketplace

In the recent Data & Analytics Summit organized by, the emphasis on data as a valuable asset by many leaders across the globe clearly proves that companies are looking into new revenue opportunities to monetize data. In a Forbes article, Doug Laney pointed out several ways to monetize data, including digital products and services, licensing […]

5 Reasons To Be Confident In The Precision Medicine Initiative

  Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) founder Kathy Giusti attended the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) summit several weeks ago, which was hosted by President Barack Obama. In a Forbes guest post, she shared five reasons why we can be optimistic about the initiative, which aims to develop better, targeted therapies that leverages one’s unique genetic […]

So is or IBM the Most Innovative Company?

I just read an article in eWeek bashing Forbes’ top 100 list of innovative companies.  I too read the Forbes article on the top innovative companies and came away wondering if they missed the boat.  Just like Darryl Taft at eWeek, I also read about Google, the #7 most innovative company according to Forbes, spending […]