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Identifying the Right Framework: An Inclusive Comparison of React Desktop, Flutter, and React Native

Introduction: Selecting the appropriate framework is a crucial choice in the ever-changing world of app development. Each of React Desktop, Flutter, and React Native has special advantages. We’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of these frameworks in this analysis to assist developers in making selections that are specific to their project requirements. 1.  React Desktop: […]

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Make Your Flutter Apps Soar with Pigeon Platform Channels

Flutter is great framework for cross platform development. It allows you to make pixel perfect apps that are generated into native code, but what happens if you need to use existing code in iOS or Android directly? For situations like these, Flutter allows you to use platform channels. Platform channels give you access to platform-specific […]


Perficient Nagpur Office Hosts Flutter Meetup

Perficient was excited to have an opportunity to bring the Flutter Meetup Platform to our Nagpur office for the first time for an interactive, in-person event. As Flutter Nagpur reached out to Perficient to become a Venue Partner, Perficient is uniquely positioned to develop and accelerate Flutter opportunities. What is Flutter?   Flutter is a […]

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Flutter – Trend Setter in Mobile App Development

In today’s contemporary world, mobile app development is evolving and progressing, giving mobile apps a gradual but steady makeover. All mobile applications are not developed the same way. There are many different ways of developing mobile applications in today’s market like native platforms, web, progressive web apps (PWAs), cross-platform app development, etc.  When creating native […]