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Core Components of Microsoft Teams – Part 5 – Exchange

Welcome back to the last article in the “Core Components of Microsoft Teams” blog series! Throughout this series we’ve explained how different Microsoft products are leveraged within Microsoft Teams. Today, we’ll wrap things up by discussing how Microsoft Teams uses Exchange. How does Teams use Exchange? Teams uses Exchange in various ways. One of the […]

eXo Announces Cloud Based Development Tools

You may know eXo from their partnership with JBoss Enterprise Portal. They provided significant content management capabilities to enhance the portal.  They continue to head down what seems to be a unique route with their portal, content, collaboration, and SOA platform.   They are also diving into the cloud with a fury. CMSWire has an article […]

JBoss Portal is Dead, Long Live JBoss GateIn Portal……

So we blogged about JBoss and eXo teaming together.  What that meant is that they have ended the JBoss Portal project and created a new product called GateIn.  I don’t know how I missed it but it’s out.  You can see some screenshots here.  My interenet connection is really slow now so I’ll have to […]

eXo raises $6 Million

So a while back you heard that eXo was integrating their portal with JBoss.  I just read that they raised additional funds for their portal and content management platforms.  Interesting that I didn’t see either JBoss or eXo at the Gartner conference. Liferay was there in force and there was buzz about them whenever open […]