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Learning from collaboration

Concurrency in Extent Reports for Parallel Testing: ThreadLocal to the Rescue!

Modern automation frameworks greatly benefit from parallel test execution. However, it can introduce complexities when dealing with shared resources like extent reports. Running tests in parallel can lead to chaos in the results, as multiple tests might update the same report simultaneously. This blog tackles a common hurdle: how to ensure thread safety in Extent […]

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The Ins and Outs of API Testing: Everything You Need to Know

API testing, also known as application programming interface testing, is a software testing approach that concentrates on examining individual API functions and how they interact with one another. Furthermore, this testing phase usually occurs after unit testing and before user interface testing, at the integration level. Its purpose is to confirm the accurate functioning of […]

T Is For Testing

T is for Testing

Testing is one of the best ways for marketers to optimize the digital experience for visitors and hone in on what works.

QA Solution for SharePoint Upgrade

1. Goals for testing upgrades As SharePoint gets stronger and stronger, SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 have more new features and abilities. Enterprise can provide more functionality to business users with less customization and at a lower cost. According to the upgrading solutions, QA strategy needs to ensure that sites are upgraded seamlessly at first, […]

Automated test result dashboard based on Extent

1.Challenges of test results display A number of report generating tools are often used on automation test, such as Junit, TestNG, ReportNG. The reports generated by these tools need some extra work to get a relative intuitive and concise report. ExtentReport and Extentx is such a platform which can provide a real time and elegant […]

Page Object and Page Factory Pattern Based UI Automated Testing

1.      Introduction The Page Object Model (POM) is a very important pattern in selenium webdriver. It can also be applied to most of UI automated testing, even with other tools like UFT, Appium and so on. Page Factory is an inbuilt and optimized concept of POM. Page Factory can be used in many frameworks such […]

Automation Testing – What to Expect and What Not to Expect

Myth 1: Automation replaces Manual Testers. Reality: After the scripts are developed, the common misconception is that we can replace the manual testers with Automation, but this is not true. Automation is a program which will test the flow of the system. Even a small defect can be missed if we don’t write scripts to look for […]

Mobile Testing on Cloud with Appium Using AWS Device Farm

With Amazon’s Device Farm technology, you can now easily upload your app and choose an Android or an iOS device to test your app. You will get screenshots, videos of the tests that were run and most importantly, the real-time reports of the tests that were completed. It is as simple as uploading a file […]

Automating REST services using Soap UI Pro

“A Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network. It is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.” There are various tools available to test web services. Some of them are Soap UI, Soap UI Pro, Test Maker, Web Inject etc. The most common tool we use is Soap UI. Soap-UI […]

Mobile Automation Testing using Selenium Webdriver

Nowadays, compatibility testing is in great demand as it gives us the confidence to say whether the application is usable across multiple platforms. One of the most used platforms available in today’s world is Mobile. So the question here is whether the application is usable across different Mobile platforms? There are n number of Mobile […]

Configuration of Sahi Automation tool

There are various Automation tools available in the market and open source tools have this upper hand over the licensed ones because there is always an extra investment needed to buy the commercial product. If the goal is achieved with an open source tool and is reliable then why to go for a licensed one? […]

Limitations of Automation Testing

So far we have seen what Automation can do to help us in reducing human effort, time, cost etc.  Here I will discuss few scenarios for which either Automation can’t be done or is not required. There are certain tasks which can be performed only using Automation tools such as Load, Endurance, and Scalable Performance […]

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