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8 Ways To Enable Digital Transformation In Financial Services

My colleague, Elizabeth Dias, recently pointed me to a white paper from Akamai, the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, which discussed eight considerations for enabling digital transformation in financial services. For those not familiar with digital transformation, the trend revolves around using newer technology to improve the overall customer experience. It’s about […]

IBM Impact: Opening Session

Yes, I’m a portal and collaboration guy so you may be wondering what I’m doing at a conference focused on commerce, middleware, and other plumbing.  Truth is a lot of the people interested in plumbing have a huge need for portal and collaboration so I come to support Perficient as we talk to clients about […]

Sesame Street Uses Liferay Portal

Gartner highlighted the CIO of  Sesame Workshop, Noah Broadwater.  What’s interesting is the sophistication of their network of sites and content.  Here are some highlights: Use Liferay for portal. Scales nicely and they contribute to the open source community Heavily use Flash and are starting to create Adobe Air applications Use Akamai to stream content […]