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Sesame Street Uses Liferay Portal

Gartner highlighted the CIO of  Sesame Workshop, Noah Broadwater.  What’s interesting is the sophistication of their network of sites and content.  Here are some highlights:

  • Use Liferay for portal. Scales nicely and they contribute to the open source community
  • Heavily use Flash and are starting to create Adobe Air applications
  • Use Akamai to stream content throughout the world
  • Use Liferay Journal and Alfresco for content and digital asset management.
  • Moved from Joomla because PHP is a security nightmare and doesn’t scale all that well.
  • Big Bird tweets (how appropriate). He logs in and tweets. Other tweets come from blogs etc.
  • Use portlet to publish blogs.   The CEO blogs, a variety of characters blogs.
  • Advertising model is completely portlet based.
  • They publish one piece of content to multiple sites.
  • Use Google Analytics.  This is important because their entire business is very interested about it.  Asset tagging is an evolutionary process and analytics help you understand what works.

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