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NewsGator: Thought Leadership in Enterprise Social

One thing I don’t want getting lost in the hubbub of how Microsoft’s platform is going social is the powerful social applications– and as importantly, the thought leadership– coming out of Denver, Colorado based NewsGator. While their Social Sites product may no longer be the default weapon of choice for Microsoft field reps trying to […]

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A Real-World Story: SharePoint Social in Healthcare

I’ll be speaking at SHARE Conference in Atlanta this week and I have to say, I’m pretty fired up for it.  SHARE bills itself as “the conference for business users” and lo and behold, they’re not kidding– there’s no tech track.  It’s a national conference that is sponsored by Microsoft and boasts real involvement from […]

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NewsGator announces Perficient as 2012 Partner of the Year

NewsGator has officially announced the great news – Perficient received their Partner of the Year Award for the second year in row! The award was given at the 2013 NewsGator Collective, where a record number of NewsGator customers and partners converged for a three day gathering with interactive workshops, networking events, success stories, and thought leadership […]

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Microsoft’s Social Roadmap: The Upshot for On-Premise SharePoint

Microsoft’s direction for enterprise social is a little more clear this morning.  And I’ll be honest, the roadmap for organizations willing to move this workload to the cloud—in whole or in part—is pretty exciting.  Questions still remain around just how well this approach covers on-premise deployments, however, and I’d like to spend a little time […]

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NewsGator’s Partner of the Year… Again! (And why it matters!)

This just in– Perficient was named NewsGator’s Partner of the Year for 2012.  If that sounds familiar, I suppose it should, because we actually won the same award in its inaugural year of 2011! Beyond that, this honor for our team is more than just an award, it’s a statement… for a number of reasons. […]

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An open letter to the NewsGator Collective: Wish I was there!

Dear NewsGator Collective, You and I had a great time together last year, and I really enjoyed the chance to learn so much about social business.  We’re sending a team to you again this week; they’ll spend some time in Denver, Colorado to get all hyped up about social business. Sadly, I have conflicts and […]

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Socialize Everything NewsGator Hack

Do you have something going on in SharePoint that you want to tie into NewsGator activity feed? In some cases an event receiver is what you want. See my blog on custom NG activities if you want to use an event receiver. But there are cases where SharePoint shamelessly writes things to its databases and […]

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NewsGator Activity Feed Dissected

Don’t worry, no blood was spilled and no activity feed was harmed in the making of this blog post. The diagrams below apply to NewsGator activity feeds from Versions 2.6 and 3.1. The classes labeled in orange were added in v3.1. The Share box was re-done in 3.1, so the 1st one is v2.6 and […]

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Tales of a SharePoint 2013 Upgrade: Information Architecture Remapping

Recently I led a team from Perficient to upgrade our existing SharePoint 2010 intranet (The Hub) to SharePoint 2013.  That process involved months of planning culminating in a solid week of fretting as the migration took place over several days.  Since everyone on the team is involved with client work, we couldn’t in good conscience […]

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SharePoint 2013: Social Analytics Part 2 — What it Means to You

(This post is Part 2 in a two-part series.  For Part 1, click here.) In our previous episode, we quickly reviewed the concept of data analytics as applied to social computing software—how it enables both admins and the software companies themselves to prescriptively target feature configurations or updates to user demographics that will benefit from them. […]

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