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NewsGator’s Partner of the Year… Again! (And why it matters!)

This just in– Perficient was named NewsGator’s Partner of the Year for 2012.  If that sounds familiar, I suppose it should, because we actually won the same award in its inaugural year of 2011!
Beyond that, this honor for our team is more than just an award, it’s a statement… for a number of reasons.
It makes a very clear case that Perficient understands social business.
We’ve been doing social at Perficient for several years, and it shows; this stuff isn’t new to us.  From our extensive work with NewsGator on SharePoint 2010 and now SharePoint 2013 strategies, implementations and adoption work to external-facing work with Telligent, we have built up a great deal of experience and tribal knowledge around how to envision, plan, build, communicate and support social business platforms.  It hasn’t slipped my attention that every SharePoint partner and his uncle are now claiming to understand social, but the fact of the matter is, most of them haven’t been doing it.  And this award makes it clear that none of them have been doing it quite like we have.
It demonstrates that social technology adoption really does require three-way teamwork.
Those three ways include a vendor like NewsGator that eats, sleeps and breathes its product, a partner with the technical skill and consulting acumen to help clients plan for and get value from deployment, and a client that’s committed to identifying strong initial use cases and flexibly responding to the new and emerging use cases that inevitably arise from engaged users.  I’ll be speaking more about how this can work at SHARE Conference in Atlanta alongside one of those committed clients.  NewsGator recognizing us for this award– again– is as much about our clients as it is about our team.
It shows we have a fantastic team that does great work, nationwide.
We’ve partnered with NewsGator in scenarios that span geography and industries.  North, South, East and West.  Healthcare, finance, manufacturing, even construction.  Even as Microsoft gets more social with Yammer– and even while we embrace that wholeheartedly– we recognize that these things are not mutually exclusive, and that the NewsGator value proposition is a meaningful one to a great many customers.  (Did you know that NewsGator’s Social Sites 3.5 can integrate Yammer activity?  You can have your cake it and eat it too, you know.)
Obviously, I’m really impressed by all of my colleagues and clients whose hard work made it possible for us to win this award again, and grateful to our friends at NewsGator for considering us once more.  Thanks to everyone involved– and here’s to another great year of helping businesses go social.

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Rich Wood

Rich Wood has been planning, designing and building enterprise solutions and internet sites with an emphasis on stellar user and customer experiences since 1997. Rich is a National Director for Content and Commerce Platform work in Perficient Digital. One of the rare breed of strategists to truly understand both the business needs of the customer and the platforms that serve them, he is a keen advocate for and accomplished speaker/writer on issues that surround that inflection point. His work has been published on CMSWire, Sitecore and Microsoft partner blogs, and his own LinkedIn page as well as our various blogs here at Perficient, and he has spoken at multiple major conferences including Microsoft's SharePoint Conference 2014. Married and a father of five, Rich enjoys spending time with his wife and family. He is a native of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a graduate of Marquette University.

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