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Newsgator Introduces Internal Communications Solution

So what do you do if you are a vendor of social software running on SharePoint and Microsoft includes many of your capabilities in SharePoint 2013?  Well if you are NewsGator, you introduce a solution that leverages your expertise in social systems and delivers to a very important stakeholder of the corporate intranet.

Essentially that is what NewGator has introduced in their Internal Communications Solution.  Using a combination of NewsGator and SharePoint, your internal communications department (Corporate Communications, Public Relations, HR, etc) can bring up a fully functional communications site that integrates social tools with direct to employee communications.  This can be a great home page for the corporate intranet.

With this solution, corporate communications departments can ensure that their message is getting out to the intranet.  For example, in the activity stream, you can insert a persistent “What’s Happing” tile that users’ can’t delete.  This sounds similar to the Facebook capability to promote a status in user activity streams.

You can also lock those kinds of tiles on the home page for broadcast messages, campaigns, announcements, etc.

A really nice addition provided by NewsGator is a console for the communications professionals to manage the content, target it to specific users, and schedule content to appear at the right time.

NewsGator has also included content analytics, so you can see how the content is being received by the company.

In the second image, I show an example of the analytics that come with the NewsGator solution.

Since Perficient is a NewsGator partner, we can help you understand all the great capabilities of NewsGator in your specific environment.  In fact, Perficient was NewsGator partner of the year in 2012. You can see learn here about our relationship with NewsGator.


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