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Adobe Experience Manager on Microsoft Azure – Why Not?

On our Adobe blog, Perficient’s expert Greg Dawson discusses the potential for running Adobe Experience Manager on Microsoft Azure:

Adobe Experience Manager runs within a Java Virtual Machine, and deployments on both RedHat Enterprise Linux and its community counterpart, CentOS are supported operating systems. As these are the OSes we most commonly see for AEM deployments, I will use RHEL and CentOS as examples. Good news. For organizations on Azure, deploying RHEL or CentOS is quite commonplace.

So why not AEM on Azure? Yes, why not?

Azure fully supports deploying these operating systems, and I personally have been doing it on Hyper-V since its introduction in 2008. Since the Adobe/Azure announcement back in September, 2016, we at Perficient have been deploying proof-of-concept topologies of AEM on Azure.

Head over to the Adobe blog to read more.

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