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Steve Nitenson

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Exciting Times in Healthcare – But what’s the Excitement About?

These days as you launch your browser, turn on the TV, or pick up a newspaper you are drawn to the national discussion of healthcare in America. In fact, this week the Supreme Court of the United States will hear arguments on whether the Healthcare Reform Act passed by Congress in 2010 is legally binding. […]

“The Tipping Point” – What one CNO shared with me at HIMSS

Looking back at the last two days of meetings, panels, vendor meetings and sharing I met up with a very close colleague of mine who is one of the brightest CNO’s I have ever met. Mary Jo and I decided to grab a bite to eat and digest what we saw and learned these past […]

ICD-10 on the Floor of the Conference: What’s the Buzz all about?

What a Day! I have come to view HIMSS as the source for what’s happening in healthcare. Today was not different – the floor of the conference was abuzz with folks asking (in almost a whisper): “Will ICD-10 really be enforced by CMS come October 1st, 2013?” “Will we really need to have all of […]

HIMSS 12: Healthcare Analytics & BI “Follow the Money”

On the floor of HIMSS, day one – late afternoon and not even half way through the booths. Thus far I have felt much like Alice in Wonderland, LOST and wondering which way to go! As I made my way through the crowd, I stumbled into a booth where the banner “Follow the Money” was […]

Will Financial Dashboards Really Assist Hospital CFO’s?

In a word: YES! A hospital’s enterprise performance management program should offer proof that comparisons of actual performance against strategic objectives enable the healthcare organization to achieve rapid and effective organizational change. There are four initiatives that may go a long way to operationalize such a program initiative: Align performance metrics with strategic initiatives Structure […]

8 Step Plan for Designing Meaningful Healthcare Analytics Dashboards

Provider Institutions (hospitals, medical centers and other health systems) are currently at a crossroads when considering how to best represent clinical and business information in a meaningful way that can be understood by all levels of the organization. We find increasing awareness and use of “digital dashboard technology” to provide relevant information to clinicians and […]

Five Strategies for Implementing Provider Healthcare Data Analytics

As we approach 2012, it is critically important to consider the implementation of Healthcare Analytics. This point could not have been made more clear to me than it was during a final “orals presentation” prep to a recent prospective healthcare system client. “Technology has finally been embraced (begrudged by some in Healthcare) by the Healthcare […]