Ryan Bovy

Ryan Bovy is the Marketo Practice Lead for the Perficient Digital Marketing Solutions team. His over six years of experience in Marketo have garnered him Marketo Certified Expert and Marketo Certified Solutions Architect distinctions. Ryan has put these certifications to work for clients ranging from top health care providers and leading financial institutions to cloud security firms and major social media platforms. Most recently he has immersed himself in the Adobe suite of solutions and has become an Adobe Multi-Solution Developer; further proving his ability to execute on complex digital marketing concepts with a data-driven mindset.

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Custom Tailored Solutions Or Offers. Made To Measure Services.

Personalization without Segmentation: The Power of Velocity Scripting

Personalization drives success within marketing campaigns. The use of personalized content allows marketers to transition from batch and blast emails to more highly targeted one-to-one email communications. Traditional personalization within Marketo requires the use of Dynamic Content. Marketo’s Dynamic Content leverages Marketo Segmentations and Segments. This makes a lot of sense for a lot of […]

One Template

One Template to Rule Them All

Email is at the heart of Marketo. Marketing automation loses much of its appeal if there’s no means to communicate those marketing messages. In Marketo, behind every good email marketing communication is a strong email template. You may think that you need to spend days developing email templates in HTML for each email communication, but […]

Where to Begin After a Marketo Audit

Where to Begin After a Marketo Audit

At Adobe (virtual) Summit, Karan Hari — GlobalLogic India Limited hosted a session on the importance of regular maintenance and audits of your Marketo instance [The Audit Doctor: How to Keep Your Marketo Engage Instance Healthy]. He covered the many benefits of performing an audit and the pitfalls of not maintaining your Marketo instance regularly. […]