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Pandian is a data enthusiast with experience in various technologies implementing Business Intelligence solutions.

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Cognos Analytics: Nested Category-X axis in Combination Charts

In Cognos Analytics, the visualizations possible through Charts and graphs are quite intuitive. It offers various insights into the data that you have. Through this blog, a select category of Bar-chart and the construction behind it is highlighted. Typically, Bar-charts, as the name suggests, plots Rectangular bars on the Y-axis of varying height for each […]

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Top-down approach for Migration of SQL code from Microsoft SQL Server to Presto

In typical Migration Projects, data housed in Database Server A (provided by Vendor A) is extracted, transformed, and loaded into Database Server B (produced by Vendor B). Each of these servers offers a wide array of functions to query data. Though the function names and syntaxes may vary, all the DB servers in the market […]

Value Prompt with Dynamically Chosen Default Values in Cognos RS

Implementing Value prompts with dynamically chosen default value in Cognos Report Studio Introduction :  This blog describes the steps to set Value Prompts in Cognos Report Studio with default value selections that are dynamically rendered.  A sample Problem statement taken up in this blog illustrates the idea which can then be extrapolated to other such similar […]