Mats Tolander

Mats Tolander has 20 years of web development experience and he has been involved in search engine optimization for almost as long. Mats oversees Perficient Digital’s SEO programmer team, provides the senior marketing consultants and marketing associates with technical SEO support and training, and keeps up with changes in the search engine optimization landscape.

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Case Study: A Correlation Between Website Traffic and Google Broad Core Algorithm Updates

On March 12, 2019, a Google Broad Core Algorithm Update caused an instant 30% loss in sessions from organic search for an ecommerce website. In response, the site reduced its internal link graph from millions of pages to a couple of thousand by removing noindex filter and facet pages. A sharp recovery began with the […]

Page Length and Meta Description

The less content you have on a page, the more important the meta description becomes.

Why You Should Not Ignore Schema Markup for SEO – Here’s Why #114

In order to understand the world around us, and to communicate our understanding to others, we apply schema. That is, we assign things to general classifications, such as animal, vegetable, or mineral. In this episode of our Here’s Why Digital Marketing video series, Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen invite Perficient Digital’s Senior Director of Technical SEO, […]