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Mangai Murugan

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Implementation of a Data Governance Program

Implementation of a Data Governance Program in an Organization

Data is the biggest asset of every organization as it drives the business, so it is very important to implement data governance correctly to avoid making wrong decisions that will pull an organization down, with fines, with a lot of frustrations, and with wrong business decisions. Data Governance defines rules on how the data should […]

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Cloud Migration using Denodo Data Virtualization

Many companies are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud because of various reasons like minimized IT requirements, physical data storage, cost, accessibility, quick deployments, consolidation, controllability, increased productivity, efficiency and security. Cloud migration is a complex process, and it may lead to negative business impacts if the correct migration strategy and best practices are […]


Maximizing the Benefits of Data Lake using Denodo

What is Data Lake: Data Lake is a centralized repository with many data in native and raw formats. The data lake has Distributed File Systems that provide cheap storage of large volumes of data. It supports different file formats like Parquet, CSV, JSON, etc. It supports massive parallel execution engines that do not require special […]

Overview of Azure Modern Data Warehouse

Overview of Modern Data warehouse:   Data warehouse nowadays will gather data from multiple data stores, including IOT, social networks, web APIs, files, and multiple corporate systems such as your CRM, HR application, and ERP systems.   A lot of value and insights can be discovered by cross referencing this data instead of keeping those in silos. For […]

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

Designing Data Warehouses on Google Cloud Platform – Google Big Query

Google Big Query product is the data warehouse product within GCP. Google Cloud Platform provides several data storage options. It is important to choose the right option, based on the requirements for data addition, updates and querying. Data Storage Options: The first option we have is Cloud Storage. It is an object storage database similar […]

How to Do Outliers Detection and Handling in Tableau

Outliers are considered as single points that are not part of 99% of datasets. Outliers represent the things that are present outside the normal experience. In this post, we will see how to detect these extreme outliers in Tableau. Steps for detecting Outliers in Tableau: I have used Tableau Superstore dataset for detecting these outliers. […]

How to Create Advanced Tableau WOW Charts – BUMP Charts

Bump chart is used to effectively visualize ranking of dimension members across different measures over time. It is very easy to interpret from bump chart, how ranking of dimensions with respect to any measures varies over time. Steps to create BUMP charts in Tableau: I have used Tableau Superstore dataset for creating this BUMP charts. […]

When and How to Use Cognos Dynamic Cubes

Cognos Dynamic Cubes is meant to provide high-performance interactive analysis of data. It is used when your data volume is over terabytes. They are used only for star or snowflake modeled data warehouses and provides in-memory relational OLAP functionality with aggregation. When to Use Cognos Dynamic Cubes Cognos Dynamic Cubes was developed to address the challenge of […]

Five Ways to Resolve Data Quality Problems in Tableau

Data sets are not static. They are constantly being updated, which can affect the quality of data. Data quality monitoring helps to resolve data issues quickly and also provides quality data. There are various ways we can resolve data issues in Tableau without changing the original data sources. Renaming We can rename fields in the Data pane […]

25+ Tips for Improving Tableau Performance

Best Practices and Methods for Improving Tableau Performance: A dashboard with multiple worksheets can sometimes take longer to load. Below, I have listed some techniques and practices that will be very helpful in solving your dashboard performance issues. When the Tableau Server is very slow or Tableau Workbooks takes longer to load, you can follow these tips to sort out the […]