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Jessica Peck

Jess Peck is a Marketing Technology Associate for Perficient Digital, focused on technical SEO. She’s passionate about visual search, aligning technical and content experiences, and voice search. Jess spends her day to day QAing and supporting tool development, reading and checking site code, and keeping updated on SEO news.

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HTML and SEO (Clickbait title: Is Semantic HTML…. DEAD?)

HTML has always been the skeleton of the web: fundamental to its function, usually hidden, missing in certain areas, and important not to break. This HTML and SEO guide is written focused semantic SEO and the technical alignment between HTML and content. Structured Data has been a hot topic issue in SEO this year (as […]

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HTML for Marketers || HTML Part 1

If you’ve looked at a page’s source (ctrl+u), opened up the inspector (ctrl+shift+I), or built a web page yourself, you’ve seen HTML in action. If so, this article is probably not for you – it’s more for marketers without this kind of technical background to get them up to speed on the rest of this […]

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Don’t Discount Plain Old Images in Your Visual Search Strategy

Here are some rough notes on a conversation that occurred among some really smart people on the Twitter account of my boss, Eric Enge. Eric posted an article of mine (Google at 20: A Shift from Text to Images), which sparked this discussion: Following the comments from Malte Landwehr and Cindy Krum,  Aleyda Solis added, […]

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17 Tips You NEED to Know from the TechSEO Boost Conference

The TechSEO Boost conference is one of the tightest technical conferences in the SEO industry, and consistently introduces new ideas and new approaches to our diverse field. There’s a ton of content packed into two days of learning; this will be an attempt to summarize some of the greatest moments ordered into a numbered list […]

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SMX Advanced 2019: Importance of A Technical Foundation in SEO

Along with my Perficient Digital colleagues, I had the privilege of attending SMX Advanced in Seattle from June 3-5, 2019. I’m still applying everything I learned from the engaging talks by great speakers from all sorts of backgrounds. Rather than offer a full blow-by-blow of every presentation, I’ll focus my takeaways from three key areas […]


Google at 20: A Shift from Text to Images

When Google celebrated its 20th birthday in 2018, the tech giant took the opportunity to introduce several important updates and transitions to how it performs its most essential functions. The company announced that users could expect a fundamental shift “from text to a more visual way of finding information.” If you’ve been keeping tabs on […]