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Jeff Fisher

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Bill Pay: Revenue Generator or A/R Tool?

My recollection is that bill pay started out as an Accounts Receivable tool by the utilities to help accelerate the collection of outstanding invoices sent to customers in order to turn a soft asset line item in the income statement to cash.  For retail, bill pay came about pretty much the same way as it […]

Is there a pressing need for mobile commercial payments?

Is There A Pressing Need for Mobile Commercial Payments? From a consumer perspective, I wholeheartedly believe mobile is a necessary service channel.  I am all about mobile, but we are not hearing a pressing need from the wholesale banking community to provide a commercial payments framework on the mobile platform.  Outside of commercial cards and […]

The “Big” Debate: Classifying Data for Better Decision Making

After passing into the new millennium, myself and many of my peers saw an increase in the use of innovative marketing terminology relative to technology.  Just around the turn of the century, the term “Big Data” surfaced in conjunction with analytics. Soon thereafter, it was being applied to large volumes of data exceeding 1 terabyte in […]

Scalable Architecture Framework for Digital Payments

The financial services industry is a highly competitive, intensely regulated industry with great reliance on technology-based processes and automation to drive quality services to end-customers.  To successfully compete in an environment that faces continuous margin compression, financial services must be efficient and the underlying technology they use must be delivered with quality assurance.  Digital payments […]

Big Data Adoption Resources for Financial Institutions

Competition continues in the industry creating the need for transformational business strategies and technology to improve profitability for banks and financial institutions. As mentioned in our top technology trends post, Big data is widely talked about in banking as a catalyst for change.  However, banks have only scratched the surface of using smarter analytics. As a technology service provider […]

Cornerstones for an Effective Information Risk Management Program

What is the threat? Aside from competition and operating efficiency, securing customer data is the one of the key priorities facing Financial Services today.  From the regulatory perspective, protecting the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your customer is a must while continuing to secure their related account information!  From the payments industry perspective, operating agreements […]

Managing Process is Key to Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform

This week I was discussing regulatory compliance issues with our Business Process Management (BPM) guru, Kevin Feldhus.  We’ve led some really large and complex regulatory initiatives with banks, but never have we witnessed anything so encompassing as Dodd Frank.  The scope of most bank regulatory projects typically focuses strictly on compliance.  Any thoughts relating to […]