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Handling Multiple Action Filters in Tableau

Action filters are new type of dashboard action that allows the user to dynamically control which dimension members are included in a set. It allows higher level of visualization interactivity. By selecting a specific category, the dashboard will be filtered to highlight that category. The existing set is updated with the values in that set […]

Web Server Data Analysis Using Splunk

Business Scenario: In an e-commerce website, we have certain queries such as how many customers are visiting a particular product but not purchasing the product. What are the reasons for not purchasing the product? Maybe the price of the product is too high? What products have customers added to their cart but not purchased? This […]

Active Reports Using the Data Toggle Bar in Cognos

Active reports are highly interactive and make business intelligence easier for the casual user. Any report generated within Cognos can be saved as an Active report and consumed remotely with no connection to the BI Server. The report is created in the MHT format and the report and its data are saved in a single […]