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Handling Multiple Action Filters in Tableau

Action filters are new type of dashboard action that allows the user to dynamically control which dimension members are included in a set. It allows higher level of visualization interactivity. By selecting a specific category, the dashboard will be filtered to highlight that category. The existing set is updated with the values in that set based on User’s action in the visuals. Set Actions can be defined by the following components,

  1. Source Sheet – Sheet which the Action filter applies
  2. The User behavior- hover, select, or menu
  3. Target Sheet – Set defined to be used.
  4. Action when selection is cleared.

In the below example, I have taken Retail Sales Marketing Data source sample and created three worksheets.

Worksheet 1: Gross Profit Per Product with Retailer country as filter

Worksheet 2: Planned Vs Actual Revenue

Worksheet 3: Total Sales by product Type

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The Final Dashboard with all three worksheets is shown below,

Now, Set actions are added in Dashboard as follows,

Same way Actions are added in other 2 sheets,

Based on the product and year field, data are filtered in dashboard and is shown below,

Product Type: cooking Gear is selected in Gross Profit Per Product worksheet,

Year :2005 is selected in Planned Vs Actual Revenue worksheet,

This way we can handle multiple action filters in Tableau Dashboard.

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