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Hadwin Zaragoza

Hadwin is a Product Manager, Product Owner, and Scrum Master based in Monterrey, Mexico. He is passionate about technology and helping businesses succeed. Hadwin is also a big fan of soccer, Formula 1 racing, reading, and spending time with his family. He hopes his blogs will be valuable for anyone interested in learning more about technology, business, and personal development.

Blogs from this Author

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When the World Needs Big Thinking, We Play with AI: Improving Business

Perficient is always looking for new ways to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. One way we are doing this is by using artificial intelligence (Generative AI) to help us find the most suitable resources to be assigned to any project in need.  AI can be used in different ways for our company to find resources. […]

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“Socio Formador” Project: Mentoring Students, Learning from Students.

Some weeks ago, I received an invitation to participate in a big project named “Socio Formador” with one of the biggest universities in the country, Tecnológico de Monterrey. This big challenge involved guiding 50 students to complete 2 software development projects in 15 weeks (3 blocks of 5 weeks). From the planning to the implementation […]